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Tips on how to host the best baby shower

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Plan Baby Shower

One of the happiest moments that a couple experiences is parenthood. Planning begins from the moment they hear the good news. Couples usually wait till the first trimester is safely over before announcing their pregnancy. Friends and family tend to wait until the end of the second trimester to have a baby shower. By then, the arrival of the new member is more pronounced, but the mom-to-be is able to comfortably move around.

Baby showers are joyous occasions, full of laughter, food and gifts. A close friend or relative hosts the party and helps to organize the event. Some like to plan gifts consisting of basic necessities for the little one. Here a couple of things to keep in mind when hosting a baby shower.

  1. Date and Time

Ask the mom what day and time is suitable for her. In between work, doctors’ appointments, and pregnancy fatigue, she is the best judge of when the party should be held.

  1. Location

Select a venue depending upon the time of year, the number of guests, and, of course, budget. Some prefer to conveniently host it in their living room. Others opt the backyard or a nearby park. Just remember to keep track of the weather! If there are too many guests or if you have a generous budget, consider hosting the event at a restaurant or club. That way you can enjoy the party without having to worry about managing the food, setup and cleanup.

  1. Maintain a budget

Celebrations are a time when even the best have a hard time staying within budget. Everything adds up: the decorations, venue, food, etc. So decide on a budget beforehand and stay within it.

  1. Guests

Discuss the guest list with the mom-to-be. The number of people invited will directly affect your budget. If more guests are coming, a greater quantity of food needs to be ordered and a spacious venue needs to be selected.

  1. Food and Decor

Consider what the mom-to-be is craving and select a menu accordingly, keeping in mind the venue and the number of guests. It may be best to cater finger foods, making it easier for guests to eat while participating in the event.

  1. Send invitations

Ideally, send out invitations about a month before the baby shower. This gives people time to reserve the date, RSVP, and buy a gift. If the event is a small get-together, you can send invites through email. But if it a big, formal affair, you can send proper invitation cards.

  1. Organize activities

These parties tend to last a few hours, with the usual eating, drinking, gift opening, and sometimes, games. The activities should be organized so that the event is entertaining and memorable.

  1. Party favors

Any celebration is incomplete without party favors. It’s a simple way of thanking your guests for coming. There is no set rule to follow when deciding what the souvenir should be, so you can choose chocolates, scented candles, jewelry, or paperweights as a parting gift.

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