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Let’s celebrate your child’s first birthday in style!

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Baby First Birthday

Finally!! Your baby is turning one! To mark this first milestone in your child’s life, it’s time to have the best birthday party ever. With careful planning, you can make this event a huge success. Remember to enjoy the day, after all, it’s your celebration as well.

Planning the date, time and location

This joyous event would be nothing without friends and family. Before deciding on a date, check the calendar. If your baby’s birthday falls on a weekday, planning a party the weekend before or after would be a better option. This makes it easier for people to attend the party. It is better to have the party after your child’s naptime. Children are usually in a better mood after resting. Babies have a short “happy” span so the party should last only an hour or so. Choose a venue that your baby will be comfortable in. The location should have a quiet private place just in case he or she becomes fussy.

Guest List

Now comes the time to select the appropriate guests. You can either keep a small gathering, limiting to family and close friends. Or you can go all out and throw a huge bash including family, friends, playgroup associates and coworkers. It depends on your budget, preference, and the size of the crowd your baby is comfortable with.


The most obvious, budget-friendly place for hosting a birthday party is your own home. It’s a good place for the family to hang out longer and for your baby to nap if needed. But choosing a restaurant or play place as a venue has its own benefits: no pre-party setup or after party cleaning. However, it can be a bit costly. A park is a great place to create a picnic-like environment, with swings and slides as additional entertainment.

Choosing a Theme

What is your child most interested in? What does he usually like to play with? It can range from Barbie dolls, cars, books or even zoo animals. Look out for what your child is mostly into. If nothing strikes your fancy, a seasonal theme can give a classic yet playful look.

Deciding the menu

You may find that deciding a menu is a little challenging. If your invite list has mostly kids, go for something that kids won’t normally be allergic to. Sandwiches, fruit salad and fresh veggies with dip are not only good for kids but adults as well. The cake is the most important item on the menu. Either order from a bakery or make one at home, a cost-effective alternative. You can also have a mini cupcake bar where kids can decorate their own cupcakes with sprinkles and candies.

Party Favors

Kids love presents and surprises. Handing out party favors filled with candies and toys signals the end of festivities and at the same time, adds to the excitement. Don’t try to go over the budget with these; keeping it simple and cute is the key. You can decorate them yourself by following numerous DIY ideas.

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